NVK projects is a well known training industry based at Namakkal and was established with a mission to provide training and guidance to Engineering and Polytechnic students from various states. In all of our interactions, we strive to keep you satisfied with us. Our Field Engineers and inside Technical Staff are available to discuss your need and explain our projects. Our Application Engineers are ready to provide technical assistance after your Training. The Engineers at our Factory are committed to customer satisfaction. We at NVK Projects are committed to your success and we continuously improve our existing projects and deliver innovative new projects.


  • Your own ideas could also implemented as a new project.
  • ​​Project delivered on correct time at your place.
  • You can type www.nvkprojects.in and reach over the website.
  • ​Don’t worry about the material for your internal project in the college of course. We will provide all the Spare Parts with minimum cost.